Birdwalk in the Botanical Garden

Vermilion Flycatcher - photo by Bob Graham
Birdwalk in the Botanical Garden
Wednesday, February 19, 9am
150 pesos, 100 El Charco members
Meets inside main entrance, El Charco del Ingenio
Signe Hammer, 415-111-7638 / +1-917-478-5379

Birdwalk in the Botanical Garden

Join us for a 2.5-hour exploration of San Miguel's botanical garden, El Charco del Ingenio. Winter or summer, there is lots to see.

At any time of year, on the cacti, trees and carizo, a bamboo-like reed, we'll see such colorful residents as Great Kiskadees, Vermilion Flycatchers and Blue Grosbeaks, as well as the striking Phainopepla. And we never know what raptors may soar in, from Turkey Vultures to White-tailed Kites to Mexico's own Crested Caracara.

As long as there is water in the presa, or reservoir, we'll see our local Mexican and Ruddy Ducks, Least and Pied-billed Grebes, American Coots and, with luck, a Common Gallinule. Not to mention White-faced Ibis.

In the winter, we have lots of visiting waterfowl and waders on the presa, including Northern Shovelers, Ring-necked Ducks, Northern Pintails, Green-winged, Blue-winged and Cinnamon Teal, Black-necked Stilts and many others.

In the summer, of course, our year-around resident birds are nesting and fledging their young. It's an interesting time, as males are singing and calling and parents are feeding nestlings and fledglings. Summer offers the chance to learn to identify birds by ear as well as eye!

You can easily get to El Charco by taxi. Wear sturdy walking shoes and bring water and a hat. The walk involves an easy, sloping trail down to the dam and broad flat trails along the presa. You can leave the walk anytime. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious fruit-juice smoothie, snack or lunch at the café. The reception desk will be glad to call a cab to take you home.

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