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Architectural Walking Tour

Thursday, January 18, 10am
Meet in the Jardin across from the Parroquia

Architectural Walking Tour

On the third of each month, we offer a special Architectural Walking Tour of the downtown area. This tour will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the fabulous buildings of San Miguel. You will see different architectural styles that span a 400-year period. It is an architectural area frozen in time with laws to protect it. Your donation goes to support the work of Patronato Pro NiƱos, a non-profit organization that has provided dental and medical care to the children of the neediest families within our community and outlying area, since 1970.

Groups meet in the Jardin across from Parroquia at 9:45 AM and leave at 10:00 AM. No reservation is needed, but we do limit the size of the groups. Cost: 350 pesos.

Additional information can be obtained at our website:

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