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100 Women Who Care - meeting

Monday, July 16, 3:30 PM for no-host cocktails, 5-6pm meeting
Rosewood Hotel Ballroom, Nemesio Diez 11

100 Women Who Care - meeting

All women (and men) are welcome.
You may visit, or join at this meeting.

by Susan Page

100 Women Who Care has already raised $1,595,640 pesos (about $84,000 usd) for San Miguel non-profit organizations that support impoverished rural communities around San Miguel. Four times a year, in a simple meeting that never exceeds one hour, we give away $100,000 pesos to an NGO that is making a difference in the lives of underserved rural families.

We have helped to provide scholarships for high school students, free day care for the children of working mothers, purified water for rural communities previously drinking contaminated water, support for our local orphanage, environmental education for rural children, new homes for poor families, and much, much more. Already nineteen hard-working organizations have benefitted from the largesse of 100 Women Who Care.

How We Raise the Money
How does 100 Women Who Care raise all this money? Our process could not be simpler. We meet four times a year for one hour each time. Each woman (or team of two women) donates $1,000 pesos each meeting. The names of about twenty NGOs, which have been nominated by members, are placed in a hat. At each meeting, we draw three names. We hear a short presentation on each of the three, and then we vote. The winning organization receives the grant of $100,000 pesos. If our donations exceed that amount, as they often do, the other two organizations split the remaining funds.

How To Join
We encourage you to join this heartwarming group of women. All you have to do is show up at a meeting, sign a pledge agreement, and then attend every meeting if you are in town. If you cannot attend a meeting, you must leave your donation before the meeting at the La Conexion location that is behind Café Monet. Seal the envelope, and address it to 100 Women Who Care, Box 543.

You may join as an individual, pledging $1,000 pesos four times a year. Or, you may join as a team of two people who together pledge this amount. When it comes to voting for the winning non-profit each time, there is one vote per $1,000 pesos donation, so each team must first agree and then cast only one vote.

Special to Snowbirds and Visitors
If you are not in San Miguel full time, we still welcome you to join! You may join by signing the pledge form on line at, or by attending a meeting.

If you know you will be absent for several meetings, you are welcome to leave your donation in our locked mailbox several meetings or even a full year in advance. We will divide your contribution up and present $1,000 pesos each meeting for you. Leave your cash in a sealed envelope with your name and e-mail address, addressed to 100 Women Who Care, Box 543, and leave it at the La Conexion location behind Café Monet. We will acknowledge receiving your contribution. Many members do this, and it works well. We are more than happy to accommodate you in this way, and encourage you to consider it.

If you are a visitor, you are welcome to attend and make a one-time donation.

Special to Men
Men are welcome to attend meetings, to contribute, and even to become members. We don’t change the name of our group because we are loosely affiliated with similar groups in other cities, but we welcome the participation of men.

We invite everyone who cares to attend the meeting. We are grateful to the Rosewood for their admirable community spirit in donating the space for our meeting. You are invited to arrive at 3:30 PM for no-host cocktails and a chance to mix and mingle. Joining (for new members) and signing in with your donation begins at 4:30. The meeting will begin promptly at 5 PM and will end by 6 PM. Even if you are not sure you want to join, you are invited to the meeting to see us in action.

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