Yoga Trapeze Workshop

Saturday, June 16, 11:00am-1pm
Esencia Spa, Potrero 13, San Antonio

-Relieve back pain
- Increase flexibity
-Build a strong core
-Develop upper body strength

We have our monthly Yoga Trapeze Workshop coming up on the 16th of june, taught by Melinda Marino. It is an intruductory/discovery class for Yoga Trapeze, where students learn voccabulary, benefits, exercise, and postures with an hour of class within the workshop, etc.
The workshop is on a Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and is only 200 pesos (each person has to pay to reserve a spot) and we can only hold 10 people per workshop.

The Esencia Team
El Equipo de Esencia

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