Wine and Mexican Tapas Tasting

Saturday, August 4, 6pm
Viñedo Toyan, Km 8.5 en la Carr. San Miguel a Qro.

Wine and Mexican Tapas Tasting

We are a company dedicated to the production and research of agricultural products, organic and certified, which grows based on the following precepts: Respect and coexist with the environment and ecology, take care of the health and nutrition of man, achieve a perception of value and quality in all our products and exceed consumer expectations.

MISSION: We are a company that specializes in organic vegetables and biodegradable agricultural products, incorporating in its creation the sum of experiences by specialty, which allows us to offer health and well-being to man and his environment. We also create new certified organic inputs, applicable to agriculture, making this area a more sustainable and beneficial activity in the development of them.

VISION: To be one of the main producers of vegetables, agricultural inputs and organic wines of the highest quality, being the preferred option for consumers and customers concerned about welfare
of your health, your family and the environment.

PHILOSOPHY: Produce quality vegetables at a low cost free of chemicals harmful to the environment and humanity. Motto: Health is: "Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle."

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