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Sunday, March 17, 10:30am
Hotel Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio 15

Playing Fair

Rev. Carol Huston

At this Sunday’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Service, Rev. Carol Huston asks how we can be fair in a world that often seems so unfair.

Margaret Fuller, an early feminist writer who was a part of Emerson’s Transcendentalist circle, once said, “I accept the universe,” to which British historian Thomas Carlyle responded, “Egad, she’d better!” We have to accept the universe. We are stuck with creation as delivered.

But are we? Certainly we must accept the laws of nature and biology and physics. No question. Creation is what it is, complete with decay, death, birth, and evolution. In the 19th century when almost every family of every class suffered the loss of children, it was a brave thing to say that you accept the universe, sad though it may be. Another 19th century Unitarian, Theodore Parker, said, “The arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice” but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., brought that statement to wide attention. It gives us our marching orders to do all we can to make that long slow bending work a little faster.

Actually, Fuller could not have meant that she accepted the unfairness of human society. She was one of the first to draft a feminist manifesto, and she was active in prison reform and education. She went to Italy to observe political revolution firsthand.

Rev. Huston sees herself in line with Fuller, with a theology that values the awe and wonder of the universe, the splendor of the cosmos, and the amazing mystery of evolution. At the same time, she challenges herself and others to take responsibility to remedy the injustice we create in society. She is currently an engaged volunteer in organizations that empower women and seek to alleviate the effects of extreme poverty around the world. Through the International Women’s Convocation, she works with projects that offer leadership training and education for women in developing countries in Asia, South America, and Africa. With a group called RESULTS, she lobbies for government support of global health and basic education.

Following careers in teaching and arts administration, Rev. Huston was ordained as a UU minister and served congregations in Rochester, Michigan, and White Plains, New York. She currently lives in Manhattan.

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