Steamboat Bill Jr - mixed

Wednesday, May 16, 7pm
Bellas Artes Auditorium, Hernández Macías 75
$150 at Solutions or $9usd online

Steamboat Bill Jr - mixed

Silent Movie Classic with Live Piano Accompaniment

Proceeds benefit Libros para Todos

Buster Keaton's 1928 comedic masterpiece ("In a class of its own...insanely inventive...the physical stunts are extraordinary...five-star review" – TimeOut) in a spectacular digitally-restored print that makes the movie appear brand new. With live piano accompaniment by Susan Varcoe, a virtuoso Canadian pianist who has created her own thrilling, original score to enhance what is already an irresistibly entertaining movie. Keaton was known for his deadpan humor and hair-raising stunts, all of which he performed himself. Steamboat Bill Jr contains the most famous, and probably most dangerous stunt in all of American cinema – involving a cyclone and a collapsing building. (Jackie Chan, who idolizes Keaton, tried to imitate the stunt in one of his own movies.) In Steamboat Bill, Keaton plays William Canfield Jr, the son of the skipper of a paddle steamer on the Mississippi. An effete, ukelele-strumming college kid, Willie has to toughen up to rescue his father and girlfriend against a series of dramatic and hilarious obstacles. No lover of cinema should overlook the great films of Buster Keaton, whom Roger Ebert called "arguably the greatest actor/director in the history of the movies."

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