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Restorative Sound Bath & QiGong Energy Healing

Saturday, August 11, 4-6pm
Rosales 11
$300 - $500

Restorative Sound Bath & QiGong Energy Healing

Let your body, mind, heart and soul bathe in therapeutic sound and vibration,
with energy healing and sound therapy.

Each restorative session includes:
QiGong breathing and gentle movement exercises
Guided restorative meditation
Healing sounds of the highest quality sound bath instruments
No-touch energy healing
Tibetan bowls on your body to clear and open energy centers
Cacao, revitalizing herbal tea, and purified water

Space is limited, so please reserve your place via email by 12PM Friday before the session.
Wilka Roig:
Part of the session takes place while sitting, and the rest takes place while lying down. The experience allows the body to reestablish its natural balance while creating space for insights in a unique way for each individual. The results are a sense of peace, bliss, wellbeing, presence, heightened awareness, emotional healing, relaxation of the mind, body, heart and spirit, and so much more. QiGong breath and energy work along with sound vibrations align, harmonize, and resonate with the body, having a wonderfully positive, healing effect on each cell of the body and the whole of our being.


Montserrat Brito
Certified teacher of Feldenkrais: Self-awareness through Movement. Bachelor of Education with a specialty in Dance Movement Therapy. Teacher and facilitator of the Frida Kaplan Method, Pregnancy and Eutonic Birth. Sound Massage Therapist with Tibetan and quartz crystal bowls in combination with deep massage with bone maneuvers.

Wilka Roig
Transpersonal psychologist specializing in women's psychology, trauma, grief and loss, end-of-life support, embodied creativity, and dreams. End-of-life doula, ordained ecumenical minister, Tai Chi and QiGong instructor, professional dream worker, Psychosynthesis practitioner, Biomagnetism and Biodecoding therapist, and energy healer.

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