Mexican Culture 205 (Part 1), 3 day conference

Mexican Culture 205 (Part 1)
Monday Wednesday, Friday, August 6, 8 ,10, 9am-2pm
Vía Orgánica upstairs classroom
$1,100p for Early Registration at G&G BOOKS (Hidalgo ,26) or SPANISH 205 (Geek & Coffee) or $1,200p at conference $450p/day for 1 or 2 days

*Mexican Culture 205 is a pre-req for Mexican Culture 305 (Part 2)!
DAY I: 9-2
1. Conference Theme: 50ACG. Cold Gringos, Mexi-Gringos & Fringos. Meet my best friend, México.

2. Pop Evaluation: How Mexican are You?

BRUNCH BREAK 11- 11:30

3. Top 10 Mexican Values vs. Top 10 United Statesian Values
How they affect behavior, attitudes, judgments, & communication

DAY II: 9- 2
4. Language, Happiness, & Control: Spanish vs. English
How its built-in values affect us. Esperar; Grief; Control; Age. Gringos as unleashed dogs & hamsters.

5. The Guiding Forces of México: her 2 Founding Mothers & Women's Roles in México
How the contrasting images of these 2 figures creates a love-hate attitude towards women

BRUNCH BREAK 11- 11:30

6. Relationships in México, Men's Roles, & El Machismo
Family structure; marital, parental, romantic, professional, homosexual, & cross-cultural relationships

DAY III: 9- 2
7. Chingar, Chingón, & La Chingada: Mexican Life Philosophy
This powerful Mexican word/concept influences every aspect of life in México.

8. To Give or Not To Give? & Am I getting the Gringo Price?
Beggars, special pricing, and what to do about it.

BRUNCH BREAK 11- 11:30

9. Manners & Rudeness in México; Why Mexicans are appalled at foreigners' blatant lack of common courtesy; The Mexican Manners Game!

10. Honesty & Trust in México
What is the Word & a lie? Who is to be trusted, distrusted, and to what extent? Are sales people taking advantage of me because I am foreign?

11. What Constitutes Success in México: How success is measured & recognized & how to be a more successful MexiGringo. ¡Canta y no llores!

"My wife and I just attended the three-day Mexican Culture Conference (Part I) presented by Michelle Garrison, owner of Garrison & Garrison Books at Hidalgo 26. I can't recommend it highly enough. It was chock-full of information anyone rooted in another culture and living in Mexico should know, but probably does not... and it was massively entertaining.

Do you want to understand the Mexican values that influence your relationships with your Mexican neighbors, gardener, handyman, etc.? Would you like to communicate more effectively with them? Do you want to understand the historical roots of machismo and its impacts across Mexican society? Are you paying the gringo price? Should you give to beggars? What does that gesture just directed at you really mean? Unless you already understand Mexican culture in detail, this conference is for you.

Michelle is a skilled teacher, and uses humor very effectively. Caron and I are looking forward to attending Part II in January.

The bookstore is located at Hidalgo 26. Michelle's e-mail address is garrisonmi (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to Ms. Garrison, as far as I am aware; nor do I have a financial interest in any of her business enterprises. I have not been paid nor promised any benefit for writing this review."


"Hola Listeros,
Some friends and I attended Michelle' s excellent overview of Mexican Culture (and how it differs from the North American, or United States culture) and after living in San Miguel for eleven years, I now finally understand many important things about our different world views.
Michelle is a lively, charismatic teacher who presents her topics in ways you will not quickly forget. The entire conference is a great value. You will learn more than you thought you would and be better able to deal with life in San Miguel."
Cheers, Heather Hanley

"I will second what my classmate Heather wrote.
The class not only sheds a lot of light on Mexican culture, but overlaps with other Latin cultures and even helps us understand better how we Gringos think. It was an enlightening experience and could have gone on for hours and days more as far as I'm concerned."
-Michael Moore

"Let me make unanimous the applause for the Mexican Culture class just completed yesterday with Michelle Garrison. My career was teaching, so my requirements are more demanding than average when sitting in a class. Michelle knows how to bring alive information with first hand examples. In her case they are funny, vivid and experiential from her time living here, and from her own learnng process in adapting to the Mexican culture. Experience is multi sensory, and when she teaches using this experiential approach, it is easier to remember. The classes were several hours long, and never for a moment boring. I think she is a born teacher. I would attend any class she offers."
-Natalie Hardy


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