Ultimate Gladiator - mixed

Saturday, August 11, 8am-1pm
Casa de Aves, Del Fresno 1

Ultimate Gladiator - mixed

It is a race with obstacles for athletes from beginners to advanced, from beginners to regulars who have the courage and pride not to give up. Includes 20+ obstacles where you will put your warrior skills to the test. It is not for weak gladiators, it is not for gladiators who give up on the first one, it is not for gladiators who do not believe in power. ONCE YOU FISH THE GOAL LINE YOU’LL CHECK THAT YOU CAN DO IT!

CATEGORIES (both branches) AGES-14 to 20 years-21 to 30 years-31 to 40 years-41 to 50 years-51 years and more-Open (14 to 99)

AWARD-ULTIMATE GLADIATOR 2018 Trophy to the winner of each category ( except for open) and registration a1 of the SPINSER events (to be chosen by the Gladiator) before August 11, 2019

REGISTRATION AND DETAILS-www.spinser.org -Innovasport

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