Aztec Dance, benefit - theater

Saturday, August 11, 7pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Relox 50A

Aztec Dance, benefit - theater

to benefit Biblioteca

"Before the Spanish arrival to Méxican territory , back in 1519 there were different tribes in the American continent who adored many Gods for different favors they wanted to ask for . All of these tribes had similar Gods in that they all adored Gods for good crops , The God of War, The Goddess of the Maguey , etc., but in each tribe that God would be called a different name.

The main tribes were: Maya en El Salvador , Belice , Honduras , México y Guatemala ; Guaraní in South America (Brazil, Argentina ) and Azteca in México .

All these tribes paid tribute to their Gods by performing dances , doing human sacrifices, doing prayers - it was their way of communicating with their Gods .

Although as history tells us, the arrival of Hernán Cortés to México was in 1519 , it wasn´t until August the 13th of 1521 that the “Mexcialts “ decided to surrender to the Spanish , spiritually and physically…

What I am trying to share by interpreting these dances is a little bit of what is was for the “Mexicatls to honor their Gods , their way of asking for favors they wanted from them or simply to say “thank you “ .

The Aztec was the strongest tribe amongst the different tribes living in Mexico and surroundings . Chichimecas , Toltecas ,Purépechas , Olmecas were some of the other tribes .

My name is Ana Verónica Ramírez and was born here in San Miguel. I have been dancing for at least 12 years. With my sister Erika, and sometimes solo I have performed in different places publicly and privately including the Glen Abbey Golf Course in Canada and more recently in Casa Europa in SMA."


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