History of Western Architecture - course

4 classes, starting Thursday January 17, 1-3pm, social hour 3-4pm
Instituto Allende, Ancha de San Antonio 22

History of Western Architecture - course

Lavishly illustrated, the course will cover some 200,000 years of western architecture from pre-historic sites to right now and the future. The course will focus on understanding the historical context and core meanings of architecture, tracing the development of one period to another over time. To aid in your understanding, the broad principles of architectural design and associated structural design and applied arts will be included. What are the challenges that all buildings must meet? Included will be the origin of the architecture of San Miguel de Allende.

Raymond Stern has practiced and taught architectural design and history for over 50 years in Europe, South-East Asia, the US, and Canada, where he lives. He graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College, London, England. Raymond gives a similar course for the Learning in Retirement program at Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada.


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