SMA's Secrets Revealed Virtual Tours - talks

Tuesdays January 15-February 19, 3-4pm
Sala Quetzal, la Biblioteca, Reloj 50a
200 individual, Super Supporter Pass available, see below

SMA's Secrets Revealed Virtual Tours - talks
No walking required!

Ticket Purchase at Library, east entrance desk.

ALL proceeds benefit San Miguel's Biblioteca.

Presenter: Kathleen Bennett, History Guide, invites you to attend these fun; fast-paced virtual tours about San Miguel's past to support the numerous programs offered free to San Miguel's children by the Biblioteca.

"San Miguel's Secrets Revealed"
6 Virtual Walking Tours Benefiting San Miguel's Library


San Miguel's Famous Historical Characters
Virtual Tour Three: “San Miguel's Secrets Revealed”

by Kathleen Bennett

History Guide Kathleen Bennett will present Virtual Tour 3 of the walking tour series titled “San Miguel's Secrets Revealed!” in the Library's Sala Quetzal on Tuesday, January 29, 3-4 pm. A Super Supporter of San Miguel's Library Pass for the remaining 4 virtual tours with guaranteed seating can be purchased at the library's east entrance ticket desk for 700 pesos. Individual programs are 200 pesos. All proceeds benefit San Miguel de Allende's Biblioteca. Absolutely no walking required!

During Virtual Tour 3, attendees will become acquainted with many of the men and women impacting San Miguel's development. For example, local insurgents Juan and Ignacio Aldama were brothers who bravely fought with Ignacio Allende for Mexico's independence; "La Corregidora", a strong fearless woman, risked her life in planning to overthrow Spanish rule; Father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro invested his fortune in building multiple religious buildings in San Miguel and the Sanctuary in nearby Atotonilco. What was he hoping to create? The story of Balthasar de Sautto y Villachica, a wealthy political leader, his textile mill and wife, Juana, is filled with intrigue and witchcraft. Twenty-two historical characters, their lives and contributions to San Miguel, will be revealed.

Perhaps no historical character is of more interest to those of us in San Miguel than the man
who gave his life for Mexico's Independence. On January 21, a birthday celebration was held for Ignacio Maria Jose de Jesus Pedro Regalado de Allende. In 1823, San Miguel El Grande's name was changed to San Miguel de Allende to recognize his sacrifice. Near the large entrance doors of the former Allende family home (now the Museo Allende) near the Jardin is a plaque stating Allende's birthday as January 20, 1769. However, San Miguel generally celebrates its namesake on January 21. Why? This secret awaits revelation during Virtual Tour Three.

Historians write that Ignacio Allende's interests centered on bullfighting, horsemanship, gambling,and amorous adventures. Robert de Gast in his book, The World of San Miguel de Allende, wrote that a contemporary of Allende described Ignacio as “elegant, handsome, tall,with curly blond hair, blue lively eyes, athletic.” De Gast, however, admits that “tradition has it that Ignacio was impetuous and restless and not much is known about his education.” Historians have offered numerous inferences, but few facts about this hero who died before a firing squad at the age of 42.


Tuesday, February 5: Oral histories told by Sanmiguelenses descended from early colonists.

ALL proceeds benefit San Miguel's Biblioteca. Virtual Tour Four presents the unique opportunity to hear oral histories of San Miguel shared by descendants of early Spanish colonists: Patricia Merrill, Eduardo Sautto, Javier Zavala, and Cesar Arias de la Canal will provide us with special insights via family legends, anecdotes, unpublished tales, and many personal family photos.

Individual Program: 200 Pesos, Super Supporter Pass for remaining 3 Tours, priority seating:: 400 Pesos ALL proceeds benefit San Miguel's Biblioteca.


Tuesday, February 12: Visit 25 fountains of San Miguel; learn how water influenced San Miguel's location then and now.

Virtual Tour Five explores San Miguel's beautiful fountains, why they were built, where found, and the "Chorro's" importance in the establishment of San Miguel El Grande. Today's crucial need for water management.

Individual Program: 200 Pesos, Super Supporter Pass for remaining 2 Tours, priority seating: 300 Pesos ALL proceeds benefit San Miguel's Biblioteca.


Tuesday, February 19: Mysteries of San Miguel's street names/numbering. Visit San Miguel's most unique sites and zoo.

Surely the best has been saved for this final virtual tour exploring a panoply of topics: Are you puzzled by San Miguel's street names and signs mentioning "manzanas"? Why is street numbering frequently not chronological? Where are the most unique sites in San Miguel? Finally, join us in visiting San Miguel's extensive Zoo.

Individual Program: 200 Pesos. ALL proceeds benefit San Miguel's Biblioteca.

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