Susan Dorf’s Vistas de San Miguel Book Launch

Thursday, February 28, 4-6pm
Literary Sala at Bellas Artes, Hernandez Macias 75

Books will be available for purchase

Susan Dorf

Susan Dorf’s Vistas de San Miguel Book Launch

Local artist Susan Dorf will be presenting her new book, Vistas de San Miguel, a Sketchbook, at the Literary Salon at Bellas Artes on Thursday, February 28th, from 4-6PM.

Vistas de San Miguel is a compilation of sketches by Susan Dorf, a San Miguel resident originally from California who has been sketching in the streets of San Miguel for about ten years. With an eye for noticing and capturing the unusual moments and details in everyday scenes, she draws directly from life with ink and watercolor, often including written descriptions and thoughts in both English and Spanish.

Sketches include well-known landmarks such as scenes from the jardín, plazas and churches to street corners, cafes and markets, as well as some people you may recognize. The book also illustrates the many events that take place every year in San Miguel, from parades and fiestas to music concerts and blessings.

Susan finds urban sketching an exhilarating experience that requires a keen eye and a fast pen to capture the chaos and movement of life on the streets. She believes that drawing is a way to connect with the environment in a profound and meaningful way.
She is often asked if drawing in public is intimidating, but in her experience people are often curious and interested in seeing artists at work, and feels that it is a way to connect with people and include them in the creative process.

Susan has led many workshops in Art journaling and Urban Sketching, sharing her love of drawing with students from all over the world. She is an active participant in the San Miguel Urban Sketchers, a group that meets on a weekly basis in various locations throughout the city to share their love of sketching.

Susan’s sketches began appearing as a regular addition to the Atención about four and a half years ago in a panel called Vistas de San Miguel, and have included over 100 sketches so far. At some point she realized that she had enough material for a book, so began to organize and compose them for publication, working with a printer in Mexico City. The result is a colorful 120 page bilingual book celebrating the places, events, and people of San Miguel that are familiar to both locals and visitors in this beautiful and diverse city.
Browsing the pages of Vistas de San Miguel will help you see the city in a new way, through the eyes of an artist.

Aside from this book launch, copies of the book will also be available in her new art gallery, Galeria Espiral, at Locale B1-1 at the Fabrica Aurora, where you can also see her paintings and prints.
You can also contact Susan directly at, and see more of her work on her website at


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