Tango and Other Songs of Love and Heartbreak

Friday, November 15, 7-9pm
Bellas Artes, Hernández Macías 75
$50 (students), $100, $200, $300

Tango and Other Songs of Love and Heartbreak

When you attend the upcoming song/dance concert entitled Tango y Otras Canciones de Amor y Desamor ("Tango and Other Songs of Love and Heartbreak"), at 7pm on Friday, November 15, at Bellas Artes, you will be rewarded on several fronts.

First, you will get to hear the superb Argentinean tenor Pablo Buniak singing the romantic and irresistible songs of his native country, with acclaimed Mexican pianist Alberto Macedo playing accompaniment on a Steinway concert grand piano. If your knowledge of Spanish is less than perfect, you will still be able to understand the lyrics of every song on the program, courtesy of projected supertitles in English.

Meanwhile, the tango dancing team of Eduardo Delgado and Fabiola Zapien from León will demonstrate why no other dance form captures the drama, strength, and romance of the relationship between a man and woman like the international tango. Accented by strong staccato movements, the dance is as exciting to perform as it is to watch.

And if you are inspired by the world-class dancers and musicians to learn how to tango, just save your reserved-seat ticket or e-ticket for this event. Your ticket will serve as a free pass to the next tango workshop at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio located at Salida a Celaya 59. The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20, at 7pm. (For more information, visit arthurmurraysanmiguel.com, write to info@arthurmurraysanmiguel.com, or call 415 185 8282.)

Reserved-seat tickets for the concert run from 300 to 100 pesos; but even the top ticket price is less than the cost of the workshop. Arthur Murray is making this special offer on behalf of Libros para Todos, the nonprofit beneficiary of the concert, an organization dedicated to inspiring children in Mexico to read more.

The concert will be this year's sixth edition of the Steinway Series, benefit concerts for Libros para Todos incorporating the Steinway concert grand at Bellas Artes. Previous concerts in the 2019 series featured, among other musicians, Mark Hartman, Lady Zen, David Mendoza, Fidel Leal, Don Krim, Ken Bichel, and Lorelei Capell.

Reserved-seat tickets for Tango y Otras Canciones de Amor y Desamor are 300 pesos for the first six rows of the auditorium, 200 pesos for the middle six rows, and 100 pesos (50 pesos for students) for the back six rows. Tickets may be purchased online by clicking either of the "Buy Tickets Online" buttons in this email newsletter; or at boletocity.com; or for cash or credit/debit card at Boleto City, Mercado Sano, Monday through Saturday, 11am to 5pm.


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