Assemblage Art, Joseph Bennett - opening

Friday, Saturday, January 11, 12, 5pm, 8pm
Subida al Caracol 11

Assemblage Art, Joseph Bennett - opening

You're invited to join us for an exhibition of 50+ assemblage art pieces! On view Friday + Saturday, January 11th and 12th.

Find the studio at Subida al Caracol 11 (just above the intersection of 5 de Mayo and Prolongacion Aldama).

NOTE: We'll again be offering the ever-popular Original Art Raffle, where one of the original works will be raffled off! Buy 1 chance for $100 pesos, or 3 chances for $200 pesos. You'll also have the opportunity to vote for your favorite piece of art during the show; yet most visitors find it difficult to pick just one;) Good luck!

Love, Joseph


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