Spiritpath Healing - talk

Saturday, January 19, 4–5:30pm
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Spiritpath Healing - talk

Powerful Body/Mind/Spirit Healing with Liz Randol

It’s a new year, and a whole new Life is possible. Are you ready?

Looking for an experience that can create a substantive shift in perception? A new fresh way of looking at life? This work is profoundly transformational.

We must learn to surf the waves of great change in this particular lifetime. Learn to hear and integrate your shadow, to hear the voice of your own soul and stop following leaders unless they are congruent with that inner voice. Contact your own inner truth and learn to operate from that place.

Liz will be at Lifepath Saturday January 19, 4 – 5:30 PM to talk about Spiritpath- the new kind of work in the Shamanic realms she has been doing for over thirty years, internationally.

Body/mind/spirit work really works, when you’ve tried everything. As well as when you are new to all this. All that is necessary is Beginner’s mind.

Check www.spiritpath-healing.com for free consultation.

Liz Randol
Liz is trained in transformational psychology and alternative techniques for clearing at the cellular level (acupressure, breathwork and cranio sacral techniques) in California, New Mexico, Costa Rica and Hawaii. She has been doing this unique form of shamanic healing for over thirty years internationally.

Email: Lizdragon2002@gmail.com

Saturday, January 19th, 4 to 5:30 pm

Requested donation 100 MXN


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