Sounds of Mictlán, Charco - concert

Saturday, November 9, 4-5:30pm
Jardín Botánico, Carco del Ingenio, Paloma S/N
$250, $300

Sounds of Mictlán, Charco - concert

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We continue to commemorate our ancestors, this time it will be in a special way with a concert by Christopher García, a multifaceted musician who visits the Botanical Garden to delight our senses with ancestral musical instruments.
Presale: $ 250 pesos
The day of the event: $ 300 pesos
Tickets on sale from October 25 at El Charco del Ingenio.


Seguimos conmemorando a nuestros antepasados, esta vez será de una forma especial con un concierto de Christopher García, músico multifacético que visita el Jardín Botánico para deleitar nuestros sentidos con instrumentos musicales ancestrales.

Preventa: $250 pesos
El día del evento: $300 pesos
Boletos a la venta a partir del 25 de octubre en El Charco del Ingenio.



by Aureliano Lira

Christopher Garcia is critically acclaimed as a composer, and virtuosic improviser on instruments not usually associated with just one musician including drumset, and marimba, instruments of north and south India and breath, string and percussion instruments of Mesoamerica, in every music combination possible - avant, classical, folkloric, indigenous, jazz, rock, and world, with a virtual who's who of musicians with performances in 28 countries on 5 continents.

In addition to drumset, and percussion of India and marimba since 1980 with jazz fusion legends CONTINUUM, and since 2002 with ZAPPA ALUMNUS THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION he continues to be invited as a featured soloist with chamber groups and symphonies with instruments of India and Mexico. 

He first invitation to perform his music in Mexico City was in 2005 at Teatro de la Cuidad and has premiered his music for pedal harp at El Castillo de Chapultepec, and compositions for pianoforte last year at St Pauls Church in San Miguel de Allende. After seeing his YOUTUBES from performances on all of the above for the last 25 years or so my first question was, "How are you able to play so many different  instruments, with so many different artists in so many different musical styles, consistently and imaginatively and at such a high level?" His answer was "They ask me". 

While he is not one to say much about himself, he will not stop talking about the stories behind the instruments and the artists who invited him as people, and as musicians, he has learned from.

This week in San Miguel de Allende he has a performance with Salomon Maawad on saxophone, and David Barrera on Bass at Teatro Peralta in a jazz setting as well as a concert of indigenous instruments of Mesoamerica and Mexico along with his daughter Alegria Garcia at El Charco del Ingenio-Jardín Botánico

She has performed and sang alongside her father since she was 6 years old and continues to do so when not working in the field as an archaeologist with digs in the Yucatan and the United States. This concert will feature Indigenous instruments from Mesoamerica and Mexico including percussion and clay instruments of the Maya, Mexica and Yaqui and marks the first time they perform in Mexico. 

The Garcia's continues to play, research and learn from culture bearers of Mexico like folklorist Alfredo Lopez Mondragon, and indigenous musicians Luis Perez Ixoneztli and Ramiro Ramirez Duarte formerly of Grupo Tribu Musica. 

"The best way for me to make music with someone is to get to know them as people, if I cannot sit with them and have a cup of coffee and a meal it would not be possible to play music at the highest levels we aspire to.....
.....the highest level of music-making transcends the instruments, the players, the score and the setting and harkens back to a resonance within each of us where music was magic and beyond........" 


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