Show Up & Write! Saturday Retreat in the Country

Saturday, November 17, 11am-4pm
$60 usd / $1,200 pesos, includes chef catered lunch and transportation

Show Up & Write! Workshop in the Country

Who Will Tell Your Story?

The final Saturday workshop of 2018 will be offered on November 17th, in a gorgeous home near San Miguel’s famed botanical garden, El Charco del Ingenio. Rides will be offered from Centro.

The goal of these workshops is for each participant to produce at least one solid draft of two stories or poems per week, for personal satisfaction or publication. All levels of experience are welcome.

Samples of fine writing will be used to demonstrate literary techniques and as models for our own work, to elicit ideas, memories, and inspire us to write with greater honesty and clarity. We will record and transform our thoughts and experiences into engaging poetry or prose—or a hybrid form.

We will discuss short forms of creative nonfiction and poetry by notable writers, including: Elizabeth Alexander, David Whyte, Ada Límon, Richard Blanco, Billy Collins, Joyce Maynard, Javier Zamora, Judy Grahn, Winona Linn, and Rumi.

We’ll learn ways to honor, deepen, and enrich the telling of our memories of home, family, friends, places we’ve traveled, or other experiences from our lives.

The intent is to create a safe environment for participants to share their work and receive positive feedback. Sharing is optional and encouraged. We will listen to the silence, to each other, and to our selves.

Sean and Megan Guilfoyle, two chefs consumed by wanderlust, have built a foundation in fine dining and dietary conscious cuisine in a variety of kitchens. In search of a better quality of life, they have been called to San Miguel de Allende, and look forward to expressing their art form in the most beautiful city in the world.

Workshops are led by Maia Williams, co-director of the international San Miguel Writers’ Conference, founding host of Poetry Café Bellas Artes, and publisher of Crossroads: La Vida Creativa en San Miguel de Allende.
Workshops are conducted in English. Seating is limited. Pre-register by Nov. 12, or ask a question, via email: - Subject: Write! (Nov 17)

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