The Joy of Painting, the color of Happiness
Wednesday, December 12, 4pm
JC3, Las Moras 47 (corner of Cinco de Mayo)
$200, 150 members (30% goes to the JC3)




by Béa Aaronson, PhD


DECEMBER 12th, 4pm

at the JC3

"My eyes were made
to erase all that is ugly"

"If life not always smiled to me,

I smiled to life"

Raoul Dufy

I chose to share with you

the art of Raoul Dufy (1877-1953)

because of my sadness facing

today's frighteningly chaotic world

and its lack of harmony.

Dufy will enthuse you with a

poetical, lyrical, cheerful

perception of life.

He will warm you up

with his contagious enthusiasm,

unfolding a floating dreamlike world

which breathes impressionistic freshness

and the ephemeral beauty

of what he chose to see and paint.

With your eyes, mind and soul,

you will be able to caress his work,

the way he caressed his canvases

like a playful, tip toeing dancer,

always preferring the medium of


to convey the fleeting essence of life.

His colors are purposefully not

realistically descriptive.

The direct imitation of nature

did not interest him at all.

He wished to project the happy feelings

nature and people awakened in him,

feelings of joy and simple pleasures.

Be ready for a total illumination

of your spirits

which pervades

all of his work through what he

called his theory of


a world where color is light,

where light is color.

In Dufy's words:

"Light is the soul of color,

without light, color is lifeless."

Through his use of color and line,

Dufy succeeded to create a world

where pain does not exist,

far removed from the ugliness

of the wars he lived through,

the poverty, the death,

the pollution,

all the evils he witnessed.

You will be able to actually feel

a most

bearable lightness of being.

As you will witness,

his blues are quite astonishing...

Dufy did not limit himself

to just painting.

His aesthetic sensitivity flew him

into the realms of etching, aquatint,

wood cut, ceramics, wallpaper,

fabric, interior and theatrical design, as well as

fashion design !

Peggy Guggenheim

loved to wear his dresses !

He was also mesmerized by the

technology of ELECTRICITY

and created in her honor

a huge fresco,

the biggest painting of its epoch

-3 tennis courts large-

that will astonish you.

I actually saw it last year at the

Modern Art Museum of Paris,

where a whole humongous

room is dedicated to his

"Fée Electricité."

I was totally flabbergasted!

Despite all the beauty Raoul Dufy gave us,

which never reeks of technique,

despite his whimsical and multifaceted

contributions to the arts,

Dufy was alas criticized for merely being

a decorative society painter,

within an art world

that was radically changing.

Nonetheless, his delicate and charming

world enthralled collectors

who appreciated simple beauty,

without the aggressive edge of

pioneering, progressive art engagé.

Come and enjoy Raoul Dufy's

immense love of life,

his boundless creative energy,

his sincere belief in a better world,

which all of his works project

in a bright smiling enchanting vision.

I invite you to discover or reacquaint

yourself with the magical work

of Raoul Dufy,

where our inner child

will come alive again,

where our dreams of simplicity and joy

will sing forever.

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4 pm



(corner of Cinco de Mayo)

200 pesos per person

150 pesos for members

(30% go to the JC3)


if you could arrive earlier, EARLIER
to facilitate the seating,
so I may begin on time,
that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Béa

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