Psychoactive Plant Medicine

Friday, November 9, 6pm
Shelter Theater, Vicente Guerrero 4, Col. San Rafael

Live Seminar
"Psychoactive Plant Medicine"

Spiritual explorers won't want to miss our live seminar on psychoactive plant medicine. Well-known local therapist and healer Azzah Manukova addresses why such proven useful organic substances are useful but still illegal. Might it be, she wonders, because they dissolve the cultural norms, the social structures and information processing? Indigenous people have always considered such psychoactive plants teachers and medicine. Why then do more developed nations disagree and ban them? 150 pesos. Tickets at the Biblioteca gift shop and online at


Delani: grew up with first hand experience of psychotropic plant medicine. As a young woman she sees the problems of her peers and future generations and the need for sacred rituals.

Rocky Caravelli: was an addict and he found his life purpose through the spirit of the plant Ibogain. And since then he has been conducting ceremonies and has helped hundreds of people out of addiction.

Asha is in the top five women providers of Ibogain in the world. She managed a clinic from 2009 to 2015.

Antonio Zavala is a multiple award winning director/writer. He has researched extensively the evolutionary aspects of psilocybin mushrooms.

Maria Teresa Valenzuela has been working with Wichuma San Pedro and other plant medicines for 22 years.She conducts sweat lodges "Temescals". And clearings of negative spirit invasions. She is known as a grandmother healer.

Atana Martinez Ruiz is a Grandmother in Toltec culture, She is a Tolteca pipe holder. She does Sun Dance Peyote ceremonies and Temascals.

Sky Yeager is a minister in the Santo Daime Religion and has founded churches in Mexico and the USA. Together with two other churches he successfully sued the Department of Justice in 2008 to make their sacramental use of Ayahuasca legal.

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