Portals to the Soul, by Susan Conrad Risse

Friday, October 12, 5-7pm
La Huipilista Artspace, Julian Carrillo 1, Guadalupe
contact: Lena Bartula, lenabartula@gmail.com, 415.111.3039

Portals to the Soul, Susan Conrad Risse

La Huipilista Artspace will present an exhibition of recent and current work by Susan Conrad Risse, titled “Portals to the Soul” from Friday, October 12 - November 3. Her home is in Salt Lake City, Utah, but while in San Miguel as an artist in residence for the month, Risse will be be creating new experimental pieces and site specific installations. Her return to San Miguel completes a “full circle” for the artist, having first visited in 2011 after her first pilgrimage to the Tepayac shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The importance of the pilgrimage was seeded early in childhood, where Susan grew up knowing that her birthday was held under the mantle of this most important feast day. She acknowledges this opportunity of a lifetime, to return seven years later as an artist, living, working and exhibiting in this place of abundant beauty, color and inspiration.

Risse's vision for this show is to provide a visual narrative of her journey and experiences, both in life and art, offered through the lens of the divine feminine perspective, which holds the heart and soul of experience. The works invites the viewer to enter in to a dreamscape of hidden portals that offer discovery of one’s own soul’s journey. Embedded symbols in individual pieces inspire the question, "What dreams are hidden inside the corners of your own heart?"

A collaborative installation, “Love Letters to the Children and Families” engages visitors to share comments, wishes and letters for those currently impacted by the U.S. administration’s border separation policy. Risse’s intention for this installation is to create a collective field that supports and holds these families energetically in the arms of the Divine Mother. Her approach to her art is deeply connected to the expression of the divine feminine, psycho-spiritual studies and Intentional Creativity. The dynamic approaches she uses, such as art therapy, dream work, shadow and depth work are based on her ability to access the deeper realms of personal and universal healing. Twenty-two years as an international flight attendant also deeply informs her world view, aesthetic and creative approach. For Risse, creative process is a spiritual and transformative experience, bringing what is inside out and into creative form, a reflective approach that often arises organically and intuitively. Alternately, she will approach other projects with a more focused intention. This method of creating both intuitively and intentionally allows images and ideas to emerge and then be expressed in the work, with paint, mixed media and assemblage.

Through the lens of the Artist Archetype, Risse sees, lives and breathes color, movement and creative vitality into everything she touches. The beauty of this method of living is that it offers a continual source of creative magic, where insights and breakthroughs become everyday occurrences. In addition to creating and exhibiting her own artwork, Risse also guides others in art-based projects supporting healing for women in need. She leads workshops and art salons; La Huipilista Artspace hopes to include at least one of these during the month of Risse’s residency in San Miguel. If interested, come meet Risse at the opening reception October 12 and sign up for whatever surprises she has in store.

Exhibition continues through November 3.

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