The Negative Feminine - panel discussion

Friday, July 5, 5pm
Shelter Theater, Vicente Guerrero 4, San Rafael

The Negative Feminine - panel discussion

Feminism is a liberating movement not only for women but for everyone who cannot accept a patriarchal culture. But what about young men who are confused by changing gender roles in the modern age? Most young men do not relate to masculine “machismo” culture but they don’t want to be wimps either, so where do they go for guidance? Who or what is their role model? How has the “Shadow Side” of women affected their lives? This is the panel discussion local therapist Azzah Manukova will be facilitating next Friday July 5 at Shelter. The panel consists of both men and women including Jungian therapists and perspectives from young men most affected by the changes in traditional patriarchy.

We recently interviewed Azzah about her upcoming conference.

Shelter: Is patriarchy a positive or negative force for young men?
Azzah: It can be both. Although it obviously can be overtly empowering, patriarchal culture teaches boys to be afraid of their own vulnerability. It cuts them off from their emotional and intuitive side.

Shelter: What is the “Negative Feminine”?
Azzah: It’s the shadow side of a female archetype. For example, the shadow of “the mother” would do anything to maintain the umbilical cord with her children including manipulation. She is terrified of being abandoned.

Shelter: A controlling mother who doesn’t want her son to grow up?
Azzah: Sure, she resents her son’s burgeoning independence. She can’t let him leave because her identity is formed around her role as a caretaker. She may even unconsciously make him feel guilty for having a penis.

Shelter: Can’t we all just get along?
Azzah: That’s the focus of our conference on Friday. I hope it helps us access the fullness of ourselves.

Come join the conversation at 5 pm on Friday, July 5th at Shelter Theater. Tickets at and Biblioteca gift shop.


Exploring Patriarchy, Azzah Manukova
Patriarchy teaches boys to be afraid of their vulnerability
And girls that Pretending is an art form.

Culture is a plot against the expansion of consciousness. Nature creates unique individuals where as culture has invented a single mold which all must conform, It's grotesque. Terence McKenna

What happens to young men that do not relate to Machismo or whimp? where do they go for help?
Who is their role model?
70% of suicides are male.
Have we looked at the mothers revenge on her son, making him feel guilty for having a penis.
"Victim is a very powerful game"
Her being the underdog in a patriarchal culture now she has total control over the male species that subjugates her.
If we do not transform our shadow we will remain powerless, we will not be able to access the fullness of ourselves
Female power is a potent force to create life and is very needed on our planet right now.
The Dali Lama said, "The world will be saved by women"
And Rejuvenation only happens by bringing the subconscious to consciousness.
Rejuvenation is empowerment.

Come join the conversation.
Where: Shelter Theater
When: 5 pm Friday July 5th.
Cost 150 pesos.

There will be 4 speaker on the panel.

Carlos Chancellor is a Jungian-Archetypal psychotherapist. He facilitates courses, mostly on subjects related to transpersonal psychology, such as dreams and Mythology. He was an International Baccalaureate English Literature and Theory of Knowledge teacher. Also an Aikido instructor

Dorie Beach Is a Psychotherapist.
She works with:
Individuals, Couples,and Family Therapy
An EMDR practitioner
A EFT (tapping) practitioner
Addiction counselor
Bereavement Counselor
End of Life Counseling and Support.
With 50 years experience.

Dr. Ethan Feldman is a long time activist in the men's movement. He was raised in Berkeley by progressive parents during the birth of the feminist movement. He has been married with his wife Susan for 37 years which means he has gone through many transformations. He is now focused on teaching his own creative form of Chiropractic medicine to the next generation of chiropractors.

Nicole Graboi is currently writing "A Manifesto for a New World", based upon 30 years of in-depth research, which will be a handbook for how people can participate in many changes needed to restructure and reorganize our world so it will work for everyone.

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