Our Planet Video Series

Thursdays, July 18, 25, 11-1pm
St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cardo 6

Our Planet Video Series

GREEN TEAM SMA at St Paul’s is hosting an inspiring and beautiful testament to the marvel of this planet. Join us in community to honor the only place we can All call home; Earth.

Our Planet showcases the world’s natural wonders, iconic species and wildlife spectacles that still remain. We’re all a part of this amazing planet, but we’re changing it like never before. What is humankind doing, both intentionally and unintentionally to God’s creation.

GREEN TEAM will present this educational offering. Unfortunately only 4 of 10 episodes.

Beauty inspires everyone. Sir David Attenborough narrates powerful landscapes that we all can appreciate, familiar places we have traveled to or want to.

The series addresses the controversial issues for debate over the future efforts necessary to conserve our environment. Animals and their habitat are shrinking like never before, in the past 40 years human beings have been outrageous in our consumption and given very like back in return.

This footage is subtle as it focuses on our human impact on the environment and how climate change impacts all living creatures as they are interconnected through evolution and for survival. The imagery has been inspirational to many people around the World.

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