Mexican Revolution - talk

Tuesday, November 20, 11am
Sala Quetzal, Biblioteca, Relox 50a

Mexican Revolution - talk

By Aldo Ibarra Aviles

The Mexican Revolution is an event that generates a lot of confusion. The event as such, many have considered it as the Independence Day, others as the Civil War, others as the Villa and Zapata struggle. The characters who participated throughout the conflict in the same way do not leave something clear about who fought in it. Who was the hero? Who was the villain? Where did it happen?

In this talk we will learn more about this event. Its origins, its causes, the period in which it was developed, the characters involved, the places that were important in this conflict and the consequences in the History of Mexico.

We will also try to understand the different points of view that exist of thinkers, critics, historians, specialists in the subject. Some see in the Mexican Revolution a great failure and setback in the development of the country, others see this event as the best thing that could ever have happened to the country.

We will know a little about the before and after the conflict. The Porfiriato on one hand, the new Republic on the other hand. How the country was formed after the Constitution of 1917, its new scope, its achievements, the challenges, and the consequences that they meant for Mexico.

More than 100 years of these events and still many questions in the air, questions that we will try to understand and answer in this lecture. Come and learn more about this historic moment, let's enjoy some history and keep learning more about our wonderful Mexico.

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