Paper Mache Level One - workshop

Tuesday, Friday, February 19, 22, 10am
El Sindicato, Recreo 4

Paper Mache Level One - workshop

Join local inspiring artist, writer and instructor, Marti McGinnis, for a two-day paper mache workshop in San Miguel de Allende, where you'll create our own paper mache creature. Bring your sense of creative fun and prepare to learn the basics of paper mache!

THE PROMISE: Participants will learn how to create their own sculpture (about 12” tall) using traditional paper mache techniques.

• Tips on how to plan a sculpture
• Demonstration of armature creation
• Hands on measuring and mixing the paper mache medium
• Hands on understanding and practice on how to create a secure armature using easily obtained media.
• Finally, creatives will finish their piece using techniques (bottom and top coat paint) that tie together their original vision with their paper mache structure.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
10:00am - 2:00pm (4 hours)
(two days to allow paper mache creatures to dry properly)
Friday, February 22, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm​ (2 hours)

El Sindicato
3rd Floor
Calle Recreo 4
Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Workshop cost: $95 USD
Includes all material and instruction

• Discussion of the technique.
• A short history of paper mache
• Paper mache in Mexico
• Discussion of instructor examples
• Individual discussion of student plans

Hands On Activities
• Mix and heat paper mace paste (everyone gets a chance to mix and stir)
• Create armature using scrunched paper wads, wire, sticks and masking tape
• Rip newspaper into strips
• Learn how to apply the slurry
• Carefully and systematically apply several layers of paper mache onto armature
• If possible allow for some sun drying in between layers
End of Day One

• Sand out unwanted rough spots
• Apply paper clay to fill in unwanted gaps
• Paint base color, let dry
• Paint next layer, let dry
• Paint finishing touches, let dry
End of Workshop

Marti is a prolific artist who engages with a wide array of media with joy, an optimistic outlet and generally a whole lot of color. She has been making her living as an artist since she returned from a stint with the U.S. Peace Corps several decades ago.

Her resume of creating large bodies of work and showing and selling these using a variety of outlets (galleries, art fairs, online platforms, etc) tells the tale of a creative energy that seeks new adventures! She has successfully explored many media running it all ‘through the Marti filter’. In other words, when Marti tackles painting, welding, cartooning, felting, paper mache, sewing, clay, etc – you know it was her who created the resulting pieces when she’s done. She has developed an instantly recognizable visual language that exerts itself no matter the media.

​She is also an enthusiastic champion of the arts and finds great joy in teaching others. Learn more about Marti and see her work:


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