John Brown’s Body

October 11-14, Thursday-Saturday, 7pm; Sunday 3pm
SM Playhouse, Ave Independencia 82
250, 300 at the door

John Brown’s Body


The San Miguel Playhouse Presents John Brown’s Body

In October, 1859, John Brown and 18 of his men attacked the federal armory at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia with the intention to steal weapons and to incite a slave rebellion.

This brazen and unprecedented attack was also intended to signal to the South – and to the country at large – that John Brown’s Holy War against slavery had begun.

In the process, Brown became the most notorious man in America.

Brown’s life story and his daring raid at Harper’s Ferry are the basis for a play – John Brown’s Body – which is being performed at the San Miguel Playhouse on October 11-14. The play was written by local San Miguel resident, William R. Slusser, who is portraying Brown in this production.

Brown is one of history's most controversial and misunderstood characters. He is best known as a religiously-inspired man who fought and died in an effort to abolish slavery, but he is also regarded equally as a madman and martyr, as a murderer or genuine hero.

He and his ragtag guerrilla group embarked on a righteous crusade against slavery that was carried out with shocking violence, and his execution in 1859 set off a chain of events that directly led to the Civil War.

The play takes place in Brown’s jail cell in the pre-dawn hours before he is to be hanged and it covers the momentous events of his life that delivered him to that point.

“The themes raised in John Brown's Body are just as relevant today as they were in Brown's time,” said Slusser. “Like the recent films 12 Years a Slave and Selma, our play also confronts the challenging issues of racism, slavery, religion, war, murder, and freedom and equality for all.”

John Brown's Body had its debut at an historical theater in Hawaii, where it won several audience and jury awards.

John Brown’s Body will be performed at the San Miguel Playhouse on:
Thursday October 11, Friday October 12, and Saturday October 13 @ 7:00 pm.
Sunday October 14 @ 3:00 pm.

Tickets for John Brown’s Body can be purchased online at, or at the Boleto City ticket kiosk (upstairs) at the Mercado Sano, Ancha de San Antonio, 123 from Oct. 6 – Oct. 13, 11am – 5pm (except Sundays) or at the San Miguel Playhouse, Av. Independencia #82, one hour before that day’s show. $250 MXN advance and $300 at the door. Seating is reserved. The Playhouse provides free secured parking and a taxi concierge.


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