Santiago Cruz - opening

Wednesday, November 28, 6pm
Rosenblueth Gallery, Hernandez Macias 47

Santiago Cruz - opening

My name is Santiago Cruz, I'm a painter residing in SMA and I'm having my first solo exhibition in Mexico.

I've been doing an art residency at the 'Studio Caracol' for the past 5 months and am looking forward to sharing the work I've produced during my time in John Wolff's studio.

This Wednesday the 28th the paintings will be shown at the Rosenblueth Gallery on Hernandez Macias 47 and we will have a mezcal reception at 6pm to celebrate together.

My art has given me wings to explore the world in a way I could only wish for since I can remember. My hope is to relish in the healing powers of color's ever expanding spectrum and the medium's versatility, it's malleability, its spirit.

My process involves a dance-like feedback loop of themes and variations. The Oxford dictionary describes a Fugue as: ¨a polyphonic composition in which a short melodic theme, the subject, is introduced by one part or voice, and successively taken up by the others and developed by their interweaving.¨ I play with my craft just as if it were any other instrument...hitting the high notes - saturated in high chromatic pitches, saving the ethereal spaces inbetween.. landing the heavier notes like a thud in the guts. I tangle, lure, and ultimately snare myself. My charcoal lines echo the boundaries and motifs of people faces and places I've been blessed to have encountered in my life thus far. I don't believe in forcing any particular ¨style¨. I try to keep them as luscious and polytropic as my medium allows. I rejoice being sensorial through the expressions in the work I create.

I've been following a dream since I was 17 and that dream has taken me to Italy, India, U.A.E, Thailand, Berlin, and now brought me here to San Miguel. In Italy, I dreamt I was studying art in Florence for 3 years at the Angel Art Academy. The last 4 years I was an ecstatic somnulist painting in Berlin and was exhibiting in my home country, Panamá. A few months ago (god time flies) I met John Wolff, a master architect who's built a masterpiece of a home and studio in San Miguel de Allende, and it's thanks to him I was able to work in a grotesquely sublime state. John Wolff has hosted several of the keynote speakers during the writer's convention in SMA that happens every Feburary including Poet Laureate Rita Dove and twice Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Pablo Rosenblueth, a talented poet who by age 12 was already translating Xavier Villaurrutia's poems to english, has translated for the first time into spanish a poem Billy Collins wrote during his stay at the Studio Caracol- 'The Symphony of San Miguel de Allende'. We are happy to announce that we will be having a reading of the poem during the reception.

Thanks to Pedro Rosenblueth and his wonderful space, I will be showing my work at his gallery on Hernandez Macias 47 on Wednesday the 28th of November. We invite you all to come and be ambushed by color in another beautiful night out in San Miguel de Allende.

For more information follow the story on Instagram at santicruzart.

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