Rio Laja Canyon Hike, Audubon

Saturday, March 2, 8:45-1pm
Sociedad Audubon de México, A.C. Calzada de la Aurora 30
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Rio Laja Canyon Hike, Audubon

Predominately flat terrain. Optional short uphill hike to the top of an overlook.

Limited to 14.

On this hike along the Rio Laja below the Allende Dam, we will experience beautiful canyon scenery and a rich, humid ecosystem, which has helped nurture a ancient Sabino tree (the national tree of Mexico) that some claim to be one of the oldest trees in the country. It’s girth of nearly 20 meters makes it something to marvel over. Along the trail we will also visit a former Indio chapel site, a 19th century chapel that is still in use and an ex-hacienda; adding a cultural dimension to our exploration, that will be brought to life through Arturo’s descriptive stories.

We’ll meet in the parking lot at La Comer and then carpool to the hacienda, where we will meet our shuttle to la Huerta. From la Huerta we’ll visit the Sabino tree and then walk through the river canyon back to the the Hacienda.

s RESERVATIONS: To reserve your place, email your name, phone number and the number of people joining you to Please refer to the name of the hike in the subject line.

PAYMENT: To secure your space, please make payment on or before February 25. Deliver to Audubon box at La Conexion, #30 Calzada de la Aurora. Please write Audubon de Mexico on your envelope and ask the clerk to provide you with a receipt.


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