Gorgeous Realism, Al Skaar - opening

Saturday, February 16, 6-8pm
Galeria Izamal, Mesones 80

Gorgeous Realism, Al Skaar - opening

Al Skaar's Gorgeous Realism by Henry Vermillion In art, pretty much anything goes these days. Abstraction thrives, loose expressionistic work is still in demand, and realistic rendering has regained esteem in higher art circles, though it has always been the choice---or at least the guilty pleasure---of the public at large. On Saturday, Feb. 16, from 6-8 pm. Galeria Izamal will present the new work of Al Skaar, a realist of the best sort and a new member of the co-operative.

By “best sort”, I mean an artist who is struck by the beauty of the real world, of nature, of brief moments glimpsed and preserved, and an artist who has the competence to do it justice with oils and canvas. Being from the Pacific Northwest, many of his current Mexican works are of scenes new to the artist, but already familiar to long-time San Miguelenses. However, they are done with uncommon skill and freshness.

“I´ve spent most of my working life as a graphic designer, illustrator, art director and creative director. My time is divide between Whidbey Island and San Miguel. I work on location much of the time so that I can capture more of the places I love,” he says. Earlier in his career, he taught art, did free-lance illustration, and designed packages, games and toys.

Galeria Izamal is a cooperative gallery established in 1992. It is located at Mesones 80 in downtown San Miguel, next to the Angela Peralta Theater. Its other members are jewelers Maria Bracho and Wolfgang Lichter and painters Juan Ezcurdia, Leslie Jakobovits, Cissy Smith Marks, Bill Morrow, Henry Vermillion, and Britt Zaist.

On February 16 – Saturday – from 6-8 pm we are have a show for AL SKAAR, our newest member. Please come and join us. All the member artists will be at the gallery. Have a glass of (spiked – you spike our non alcoholic punch with vodka provided) punch, botanas and enjoy the art work.

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