Fundraising Concert, 23 Musicians

Sunday, November 10, 2:30pm
Paprika, Ancha de San Antonio 9-A

Fundraising Concert, 23 Musicians

Talented young sax player, Rodrigo RV, just had his precious instrument stolen. Needless to say, this is how he makes his living and it is going to be very expensive to replace.

The word got out and Woody Price, The SMA Jazz Alliance and the rest of the SMA music community all pitched in for one special benefit show to raise $ for Rodrigo!

There will be at least 23 musicians, donating their time for the cause, including Gabriel Hernández, Liah Alonso, Jaime Vaille, Woody and the Roadrunners, David Mendoza, Bobby Kaplan, Victor Monterrubio, Mario Torres, Aaron Romo, Julian Arcos, Hopalong, Andrew Peruzzini and Doug Robinson. Also, from California, singer Danny Ray Barnes.

Your donation of MX$300 or more (all covers will go entirely to Rodrigo) will get you two solid sets of music from the above artists. Help Rodrigo get back on his feet and playing again.

Fran at Paprika has also generously offered to donate a portion of her food and drink profits to the cause–that is an unusual step, here or anywhere, and it is appreciated!

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