The true adventure of the Exodus - talk

Monday, February 18, 4:30
JC3, Las Moras 47, Col. Allende
$200, $150 (members)

The true adventure of the Exodus - talk

The "Exodus 1947" was a worn passenger ship owned by The Haganah (a clandestine Jewish military organization) who planned to dock the ship in Europe to transport the Jews who were trying to illegally immigrate to Palestine. In July 1947 he sailed from Sete, France, to Palestine with more than 4,500 Jewish men, women and children, all displaced persons or survivors of the Holocaust. Before the ship reached the territorial waters of Palestine, British destroyers surrounded it. The British transferred the passengers to three navy ships returning to Europe. The passengers were forced to disembark in France and taken to refugee camps in Germany. The hardships of the ship's passengers attracted worldwide attention.

This event played an important role in the diplomatic change of compassion towards the Jews and the final recognition of a Jewish state in 1948. This story has been immortalized by Leon Uris in his book "Exodus" and in the 1958 film of the same name.

Three Mexican Jews from the Shomer Hatzair (Jewish Zionist youth movement) were traveling on that ship: Abraham Segal, Samuel Schuller and Rubén Margolis. Learn about the adventure of Samuel Schuller through his memories told to his wife Esther Schuller, who has presented this story in several jewish communities in Mexico and the United States, with original documentation of the time.

Esther Schuller (widow of one of the survivors of the Exodus) will come to tell us the touching journey of the Jews who left France with the illusion of starting a new life away from Europe

February 18th, 4:30 pm at JC3

200 pesos not members, 150 pesos members

Tickets for sale at JC3 and at the door the day of the event.

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