Earth and Fire Ceramics - opening

Friday, March 8, 6:30pm
Cafe Muro
Cerrada de San Gabriel 1, Colonia Obraje.

Earth and Fire Ceramics - opening

Earth and Fire at Muro
Rosa Torre

Life is a kaleidoscope of change. The only sure thing being impermanence.
Sometimes all things flow in harmony. The stars align to create a unique experience that fills our souls with energy, joy and creativity; qualities of fire in the Buddhist tradition.
When this happens; stop, take a breath and embrace this sometimes fleeting moment.

In a collective ceramist studio, frequented by five strong, independent women this sense of rapport does not come easily. Individual behavior and sense of self can at times create stress and an unbalanced environment. Not here. Friendships evolve at the ROSA TORRES STUDIO.

I am privileged to lead and coordinate a working clay studio that combines the elements of earth and fire with the talents of each of its members into a celebration of talent and inspiration.

The feminine energy that emanates from Elizabeth, Lindsay, Rosemary, Ruth, Tammy and me is palpable and surrounded by generosity and friendship. How fortunate we are to have each other in and out of our atelier.

ELIZABETH SCOTT returns yearly to San Miguel to further enhance her craft. Tireless, willing to experiment she has found her personal voice with a primitive style that reminds us of ancient pottery, rituals and ceremony. Soft surfaces and contrasting colors highlight
her evocative compositions.

LINDSAY DUVAL enjoys the contemporary, modern chaotic nature of her pieces. With her own gifted sense of intuition she creates sophisticated objects d’art which fully expresses her own imaginative yet mysterious ways to work her hands through the many elements of clay and glazes at her disposal.

ROSMARI MARTIN is an architect by profession and a ceramist at heart. There is a more formal manner to her work which helps create her conceptual yet risky clay explorations. Her artistry is organized, clear and powerful. Her creations combine intellectual curiosity with a sensual and enjoyable finish.

RUTH PROBST is a figurative artist with a touch of the unruly. Her experience is noted immediately as she successfully traverses the line of abstraction in her wall installations.
She explores the concept of elegance, clarity, skill in a potpourri of work which transcends the many forms of sculpture she has mastered.

TAMMY WATSON ingeniously delves into the face. After all this is our first exposure to the world we inhabit. She creates expressive faces filled with color and sentiment. She carves facial figures that appear to be smiling back at her and those fortunate enough to consider returning the smile.

Five wonderfully talented ceramic artists and I invite you to celebrate together.
Friday, March 8th, 6:30PM at Cafe Muro, Cerrada de San Gabriel 1, Colonia Obraje.
Exhibit on display until March the 29th.

Rosa Torres is a ceramicist and teacher. She runs “Estudio de Cerámica los Camaleones”.

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