Fundraiser for Philly Duke

Sunday, November 10, 5-7pm
Los Olivos de Denver, Col. San Antonio, 20 de Enero 44

Fundraiser for Philly Duke

“Philly Duke was a multitalented: singer, actress and dancer, who performed in separate clubs from Las Vegas to New Orleans, hitting all the hotspots over the length of her career. She retired to San Miguel in 2012 and became a regular at Denver’s original location. When Denver relocated to his current location, it was really convenient as Philly lives a few houses up the street and became an almost daily visitor to the restaurant.

On September 18, Philly fell not far from her house and sustained “severe brain damage” diagnosed by the doctors at General Hospital. She returned home but several days later suffered seizures, not unusual for folks with brain damage, so return the hospital. She’s been back home for several weeks now with 24/7 care, flooding in and out of consciousness. She recognizes Denver, has very limited mobility and a good appetite.

Philly’s prognosis is not good; she is 86 years old and will not likely the recover. She has no family and very limited funds which Denver does not, so far, have access to. He has been paying all of her medical bills and for the caregivers; the bills keep piling up – so far he estimates he spent about MX$30,000 on her care.

He is hoping to get Philly into ALMA as soon as they will take her where she can get the care she needs at a more reasonable price, hopefully subsidized.

Therefore, this fundraiser. Several of Denvers loyal customers and friends have already donated and he is hoping more folks will open their hearts and their walls to contribute to the fund. There is a gofundme site, Denver-Philly Duke to which you can contribute as well. Or come by Denver's anytime and make your donation in person. Any contribution, no matter what amount, will be greatly appreciated!

Hope to see you on the 10th, botanas and drinks will be available and Denver will answer questions and take your donations. Bless all of you support him in this difficult endeavor.”

Denver's - Col San Antonio, Calle 20 de Enero #44 (just around the corner from the Pet Vet). Donations of $1000 or more will entitle the generous donor to select one of Lydia Jane's small mixed media pieces from her beloved Medieval Women series.


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