DANCEmotion - Dance

Saturdays, 10:15-11:15am
Homobono & Nuñez, 2nd floor

DANCEmotion - Dance

DANCEmotion is free dance, no previous experience is required. There is no choreography, nor instructions to follow during the session. Only the music and your personal emotions will lead you into your own dance. This session is all about freedom and positive energy and also a great way to exercise while having fun!

Every peso of your donation (50 pesos) will be given to Mujeres en Cambio to help fund scholarships for young impoverished rural women around San Miguel. That means we’ll be happily dancing and generous at the same time!

DANCEmotion is a great way to begin the weekend. You will not only get lots of exercise, but you will begin the weekend with a smile on your face!

Please join us in this happy celebration of life as we dance to beautiful music from around the world.

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