What's Up with Climate Change? - talk

Tuesday, April 16, 5pm
La Casona Event Center, Josefina Orozco 2
$250, $300

What's Up with Climate Change? - talk

In just a few short years, climate change has gone from an impending existential threat to the cause of untold human suffering from destructive hurricanes, record-breaking drought, unprecedented floods, devastating fires, and more.

Meanwhile, global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at an accelerating rate. Our leaders are fiddling while the planet's fever burns...

Making sense of it all for the general public is the job of science journalists, and there's no one better at that than award-winning veteran broadcast news personality Miles O'Brien. He doesn't have the answers, but you couldn't ask for a better guide for deeper understanding of this complex topic.

O'Brien began his career as a reporter for various TV news outlets and later joined CNN as a science, technology, and environmental correspondent. Today, O'Brien operates his own production company, where he serves as the science correspondent for the PBS NewsHour and other broadcast services. He has won numerous awards over the years, including a half-dozen Emmys.

Don't miss this articulate, charismatic speaker sharing his experience and wisdom on climate change—already impacting our lives in untold ways.

Advance tickets $250 pesos online or at Tienda Tesoros in the Biblioteca.
$300 pesos at the door day of the event

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