Bull Fight

Sunday, September 16, 5-7pm
Plaza de Toros, Recreo 52

Bull Fight

La Plaza

Is a unique and exclusive venue in San Miguel de Allende, where the most important private events of the American and domestic Elite take place. It has an impressive and beautiful Colonial Architecture that was used to create one of the most ancient bullfighting Arenas in Mexico. Its Mystic and Magic atmosphere makes its audience feel the power and beauty of ancient culture.

El Ruedo

El Ruedo or by definition the center of the Arena, has 11,571 sq. ft. to make your event as fancy or/and comfortable as you like. It has an astonishing view of the Arena and its unique architecture.

The Esplanade

Inside La Plaza or Arena, we have a beautiful esplanade with Teak wood flooring and 592 sq. ft. of usable space to comfortably accommodate your guests. This is an ideal place and space where to have the most intimate events, where you feel the sensation of floating on top of the center of the Arena with breathtaking views of The Plaza and the surrounding architecture.

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