Brooke Axtell and Authors from Solamente En San Miguel

Thursday, October 10, 5-7pm
Hotel Posada La Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio 15
$100, $50 (Literary Sala Members)

Brooke Axtell and Authors from Solamente En San Miguel

Literary Sala Presents

By Carole Schor

Brooke Axtell
At the 2015 Grammy Awards, Brooke Axtell was introduced by President Obama and stood on an international stage to speak of her tragic childhood experience of being trafficked by her nanny and sold into prostitution at the age of seven. Whenever Brooke takes the podium, audiences are captivated by her charm, her poise and her beauty. We are thrilled to be able to bring Brooke’s charismatic presence and strong message to San Miguel. Her story is one of the most appalling and sickening tales of our times, a saga of deceit and abuse as a young child that followed her into adulthood as she once again became a victim, this time of domestic violence.

Brooke is no longer a victim. She has turned herself into a survivor and a leader in the fight against these heinous crimes. She is a creative artist, a singer, an activist, and the author of a memoir, Beautiful Justice. “To be free,” she says, “we have to bring everything into the light, so our shame and our secrets no longer have power over us. Our justice is to overcome, to know our worth, to rise up as leaders, transforming pain into the power of compassion.”

Brooke is the founder and Director of She is Rising, an organization that helps women and girls who are overcoming rape, abuse and sex trafficking. She is the Director of Communications and Survivor Leadership for Allies Against Slavery, a non-profit devoted to ending human trafficking. The October 10 Literary Sala event is a rare opportunity to meet this remarkable, inspiring woman.
Solamente en San Miguel
Solamente en San Miguel, now in its third edition, is an anthology of works by local authors telling the stories of their experiences of living here in San Miguel, recounting the joy and confusion, marvels and surprises of living in this unique and extraordinary place. The anthology is both a love letter to this special place and its people, and a celebration of the diversity and talent of its writers. Its richly varied contributions include short stories, memoir, poetry, humor, and essays.

The October Sala event presents eight authors reading excerpts from their stories. The participating authors are Lena Bartula, Margaret Tallis, Nathan Feuerberg, Libbe Dennard, Judith Gille, and Vail Kristina Smerlinder de Suarez. The authors will be reading in short segments, and in a manner that will be lively and entertaining, almost a performance of the works. Acoustic music from two local musicians will help move us through the words.

Join us for a heart wrenching but inspiring look at a problem plaguing millions of women and children around the world by a woman who has gained international fame for her captivating presentations, along with an uplifting collection of short stories about our beloved San Miguel de Allende on October 10 at 5 PM at the Hotel La Aldea. Admission is 50 pesos for members and 100 pesos for non-members, including a wine and snack reception.


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