An Act of God

February 7-17, Thursday, Friday 7pm; Saturday, Sunday 3pm
Shelter Theater, Vicente Guerrero 4
$350, $300, $250

An Act of God

Based on former Daily Show head writer David Javerbaum's 2011 book that was heralded as " like the Bible, if the Bible were narrated by Mel Brooks on crack-laced manna," AN ACT OF GOD features Erik Zavala as the Creator himself with a little help from two "Genesistants," Rodrigo Demian and Sebastian Vallin, the archangels Gabriel and Michael. The production explores religion's influence on some of society's most poignant tragedies, like alleged divinely inspired homicides and prejudices against communities that don't conform to the heteronormative mold. As the action unfolds, Zavala reveals a new set of 10 commandments that reflects a 21st-century outlook, emphasizing LGBTQ rights, the United States' shortcomings, the absurdity of prayer, and the origins of a post-God state.

AN ACT OF GOD, played to sold out houses in 2017 and is back with the dynamic original cast; ERIK ZAVALA, RODRIGO DEMIAN & SEBASTIAN VALLIN. ALAN JORDAN will direct his adaptation of this comedy, customized for San Miguel. The play is performed in English with Mexican spice.



To contact Shelter Theater for information or if you would rather reserve your seats offline;

Caja Negra has tried to keep our ticket prices as low as possible. Due to rising costs of royalties to the playwrights, printing and advertising as well as theater expenses the time has come to adjust the price of our tickets.

The tickets will now range from 250 – 350 pesos
250 pesos (12.75 U.S. 17.00 Can.)
300 pesos (15.30 U.S. 20.60 Can.)
350 pesos (17.80 U.S. 24.00 Can.)

For group rates of 10 or more people, please contact Shelter Theater by email.

As most of you know, the Shelter Theater is very intimate and offers 56 seats. The closest we have to a black box theater here in San Miguel.

In all Caja Negra shows the actors are guaranteed a substantial salary that does not depend on attendance. Everyone is paid including the playwright.

Caja Negra does not have any government or corporate funding. Funding is helpful but without it we are able to do the type of theater we (and hopefully the audience)want, where we want and how we want to adapt it. "I admit I am hopeless at asking for donations for our productions. I'd rather put all my efforts into the work. That said, donations are more than welcome." Alan Jordan


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