Writing for Change, PEN - workshop

Sunday, February 23, 1-3pm
Biblioteca Pública, Pepe LLanos 14
$50 / $100 (Donation)

Writing for Change, PEN - workshop

Your Voice Makes a Difference!

Writing for the change you want to see! Be a Voice for what you love.

“Every poem is a thank you letter, an IOU and a complaint to the management”. ~ Alice Waters

Let’s write from a place that allows for the biggest hoop, the largest hope!
Be a Voice for the Change you wish for.
Practice the dharma of eloquence:

See how much of the Good we can create in our speaking and writing!
Let’s learn to speak for, write for... Shift the Paradigm!
This workshop will give you the tools to write what supports the good... and speak your truth!
Share ideas for keeping our spirits up! Keep goig!
Write Safe! Write with Sweet Power for what you love!

Biblioteca Municipal

(Not the PUBLIC Biblioteca) ~ Pepe Llanos
~ 50p/100p DONATION to PEN or Sliding Scale
Please bring your notebook and a pen or pencil.

RSVP! Sing up!

Every silence broken buys another her voice.
Please write me and say Yes! judythhill@gmail.com
Huge love, all blessings, Judyth Hill

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