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Sunday, May 8, 10:30am
Aldea Hotel and Zoom - Password: 294513

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Sunday Service

By Joseph Plummer, UUFSMA Board Secretary

Speakers: Judith Jenya, Hugh Tomlinson, Joan Wolf

By Joseph Plummer
UUFSMA Board Secretary

It is often joked, “Oh, Unitarian Universalists can believe anything.” As this Sunday’s Guest Speakers will explain, that perception is not quite true. What is true is that UUs are not given a dogma of beliefs to adhere to. Instead, followers of Unitarian Universalism assemble around a principled set of values.

The specific religious or spiritual beliefs of individual Unitarian Universalists often differ and change over time during their continuing journeys to find meaning, truth, and purpose. As the Reverend Gary Kowalski said, “Babies don’t believe anything. Babies aren’t born Buddhists or Baptists or believers of any sort. They arrive in the world and begin to gather ideas.”

Many UU communities have rituals of various names to allow members to share beliefs and spiritual journeys. We call such sharing, “This I Believe”. Such public expressions allow UUs to know themselves – as a community and as individuals.

Hugh Tomlinson born in rural Vermont and one of six, grew up in the Congregational Church and regularly attended its services as a child. After high school he began a quest for a spiritual life. He grew away from a religious life and called himself agnostic. Then he discovered Unitarian Universalism, felt accepted, and was able to explain his beliefs. He now says he is atheist. He is a recovering alcoholic and a member of UUFSMA.

Judith Jenya is a member of the UU Fellowship and the Jewish community of San Miguel. An attorney, psychotherapist, and educator, she was named International Humanist of the Year in 2002, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as founder-director of the Global Children's Organization, working in the war-torn Balkans and Northern Ireland. She lives in San Miguel with her husband Mark Johanningmeier, writes poetry, paints and does community work.

Raised an Irish Catholic in suburban Chicago, Joan Wolf began to study Eastern religions after reading Autobiography of a Yogi and found a spiritual path in India’s ancient wisdom and became a yoga and meditation teacher. She worked for the non-profit, international Seva Foundation, marketing lecture tours for Ram Dass. She became a Buddhist accepting the Five Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hahn and facilitates the weekly UUFSMA Sangha of the Heart.

To participate in our online Sunday Service, visit and click on the Zoom Service button on the home page. Enter password: 294513. Sign-in Sunday mornings between 10:15-10:25 am CST.

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In addition to live Zoom services, UUFSMA has returned to limited in-person Sunday services at the Aldea Hotel. Reservations are unnecessary. Space permitting, guests who show their vaccination card can join the in-person service. UUFSMA welcomes people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Enjoy previous services at Enter UUFSMA in the search box.

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