Ode to Joy, UU - spirit

Sunday, December 5, 10:30am
Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/414604040 - Password: 294513

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

Speakers: Gary Belkin, Lee Knox & Frank Thoms

By Joseph Plummer
UUFSMA Board Secretary

The season of joy is upon us: the joy of gathering with family, the joy of community, the joy of the holidays. What else brings us joy? Or does it come from within? Is it true that joy is the emotion that makes life worth living because it resonates with our core identity? What’s the difference between joy and happiness?

This Sunday, a team of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship members will present reflections on these questions through the writings of philosophers and poets, and through the musings of other sage individuals. We’ll hear stories that speak of the joy of simple things, as well as the joys brought on by deep emotions. There will be music that instills us with the joy of singing together, and music that inspires us. We’ll even sing some yuletide carols!

A Unitarian Universalist principle is the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. Some say it is the work we do to further this goal that gives us joy. We will explore this idea as well as our goal to discover truth and meaning in our lives.

Participating in this service are fellowship members Gary Belkin, Lee Knox, and Frank Thoms. Gary is a retired lawyer from Chicago who moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2017 with his husband, Ed Tudor, a retired psychiatrist. Lee is a retired writer and watercolor artist from Kansas City who has lived here full-time for five years. Frank is a former teacher and now a writer who’s published five books and has lived in San Miguel with his wife, artist Kathleen Cammarata, for nearly ten years. Local musician, Almitri Tzigane, will start off the program with some joyful guitar playing. Concert pianist, Paula Peace, will accompany our carols. Be sure to stay tuned for the surprising musical finale.

To participate in our online Sunday Service, visit www.uufsma.org and click on the Zoom Service button on the home page. If requested, enter password: 294513. Sign-in from anywhere Sunday mornings between 10:15-10:25 am CST.

UUFSMA donates at least fifty percent of its income to support nonprofit organizations that provide health, educational, and environmental services for underserved communities in the San Miguel region. Please support this work by clicking on the website home page Donate button. Now more than ever, your support is essential.

UUFSMA has returned to very limited in-person Sunday services. A few pre-registered members may attend in-person services at the Hotel Aldea by contacting Diana Amaya for the important safety guidelines which must be followed: info.uufsma@gmail.com. The UU Fellowship welcomes people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Previous online services can be found at https://www.youtube.com/. Enter UUFSMA in the search box.


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