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Sunday, June 13, 10:30am
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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Online Service

Becoming an Awesome Human Being

Speaker: Reverend Dr. Arvid Straube

By Joseph Plummer
UUF Secretary

Last year, for the first time since it began to measure religious affiliation, the Gallup Poll revealed the startling fact that more people in the United States do not than do affiliate with a church, mosque, or synagogue. In 2020, forty-seven percent of Americans claimed a religious affiliation, compared to the seventy percent who did so in 1999. Last year’s poll further revealed the decline for every major religion, especially among younger respondents. In this Sunday’s online UUFSMA service, the Reverend Dr. Arvid Straube explores the meaning of these findings in Western societies, where younger people seek to be spiritual without religion.

Organized religion has become a declining “brand,” Reverend Straube says. Consider these factors: the worldwide scandal of Catholic priests and other religious leaders who abuse children, Evangelical Christians who deify Donald Trump, and organized religion’s reputation for dogmatism and intolerance. People are choosing their own self-direction to spiritual growth. A yoga class here, a meditation or retreat there, and spiritual podcasts—appeals of the moment appear to fulfill more and more people.

North American culture glorifies individual choice and sacrifices spiritual commitment on the altar of autonomy while making North Americans lonely and unfulfilled. It is no wonder gringos in Mexico admire Mexicans’ warm relationships among family and friends. People cannot be spiritual by themselves.

A close-knit community completes our humanity. As the comedy “Cheers” reminds us, Rev. Straube says, “we need a place ‘where everybody knows your name’. We are higher-order primates, and our brains, bodies, and emotions cannot function optimally unless we are close to others of our species. We need a balanced diet of personal interactions to grow spiritually.”

Reverend Straube lives near San Diego with his wife Sonya Prestridge. He served Unitarian Universalist congregations in Durham, NC, and San Diego, CA, for 35 years. He earned an M.A. in Divinity at the University of Chicago and a Doctor of Ministry from Meadville Lombard Theological School.

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