Timka, Colombian Rhythms - concert

Friday, February 14, 7pm
Shelter Theater, Vicente Guerrero 4, Col. San Rafael

Timka, Colombian Rhythms - concert

Surprising to many, Colombia has coastal areas with large African-descendant communities. The music in these communities is a passionate blend of African roots mixed with sizzling Colombian salsa.

Shelter is proud to bring such sounds to our stage with “Timka!”, a duo from the Colombian Pacific, featuring songs from their album, “A Cultural Through Music.” ‘Nelo’ and ‘Stephi’ from the dance capital of Cali will have you grooving to their sensuous merging of African with Latin sounds with Alberto Arana backing them on drums. One fan raves, “Phenomenal rhythms… truly an evening to remember!”

Don’t miss “Timka!”--unlike anything you’ve heard before! Tickets available at Biblioteca and online.


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