Climate Change, the Fate of the Earth

Tuesdays, Thursdays, February 18, 20, 25, 27, 1-4pm
Instituto Allende, Ancha de San Antonio 22

Climate Change, the Fate of the Earth

Ecosystem services such as oxygen production, carbon dioxide removal, water purification, climate regulation, cycling of carbon, nitrate and phosphorus nutrients are naturally performed by various species. These services, which are essential for life on earth and provide cultural benefits that foster spiritual and recreational well-being, are naturally executed daily on a massive scale. This course will explore the impacts to these systems from increasing population growth and climate change. Is there a path to save our ecosystems in order to prevent another Easter Island or Mayan die-out?

Sivajini Gilchrist is an adjunct professor at Kean University, New Jersey, where she teaches Environmental and Earth Science. She received her Ph.D in environmental science from Rutgers University.
Her published dissertation focused on acid mine drainage from past mining activities in the Northeastern US. She worked for three years at the US Environmental Protection Agency, as a high school Earth Science teacher, and a science coordinator/educator at the Newark Museum.


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