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Tuesday, August 16, 9:30am
Sala Quetzal, Biblioteca, Relox 50A or Zoom sign up or email

We are now meeting in the Sala Quetzal at la Biblioteca

You are also invited to breakfast before the meeting
The Zentano Cafe is open starting at 8:15am

By: Elizabeth Adlung

You may not know that Mexico is one of the few countries in the world where safe mobility is recognized as a constitutional right.

Adolfo Cervantes, former Transit Director in San Miguel De Allende will explain how a crucial constitutional amendment in 2020 made ‘mobility under the conditions of safety, accessibility, efficiency, sustainability, quality, inclusion and equality,’ a universal right.

The amendment set the stage for a new national law to harmonize laws around speeding, alcohol limits and licensing that were originally created among independently operated levels of government responsible for planning, designing and operating transport systems

The new law, National Law of Mobility and Road Safety, harmonizes all actions and enshrines an integrated safe systems approach that recognizes road safety as key to saving lives. Fully ratified in May 2022, the law marks a major step forward in the country’s efforts to reduce the high numbers of road traffic deaths and to boost equitable and sustainable access to transport services for everyone.

The law clarifies the roles and responsibilities within the Mexican government and calls for the creation of a unified database for licenses, number plates and fines. It incorporates the majority of WHO’s recommendations to promote the safe use of devices such as helmets, seatbelts and child restraints and to reduce road users’ exposure to key risk factors such as speeding, using mobile phones while driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Adolfo has a long resume of positions in transit, communications and entrepreneurship. He is presently a volunteer with the New Firefighters and Paramedics Association of San Miguel and works as an entrepreneur

Join us on Tuesday, August 16 at 9:30 AM to welcome Adolfo Cervantes and to learn more the about the National Law of Mobility and Road Safety.

Our meetings are now held in the Sala Quetzal in la Biblioteca. Please use the entrance on Relox.

You are also invited to join us for breakfast at Zenteno before the meeting. Doors open for breakfast at 8:15am. The cost is 150 MXN (cash only please),

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