Otomi Celebration / Dinner

February 22, 23, Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 10am-2pm
La Sacristía Café, Canal 36

Otomi Celebration / Dinner

Join us for the Otomi celebration of brotherhood and the selection of the seeds!

The event will feature 2 days of festive activities, including the main event, a gourmet traditional Otomi dinner that includes historical narration by Historian José Luis Revilla, and Otomi leader of the region, Consuelo Venancio. They will talk about the the archaeological and cultural relevance of the area, traditional legends and folklore, followed by customary music sung by Soprano Lupita Leal.

The event will start on Saturday the 22nd of February at 10 o’clock. On that same day, at 6 o’clock, the gourmet dinner prepared by the Otomi Women of the region will be served. The next day (the 23rd) the exhibition will open at 10 0´clock and end at 2 o´clock in the afternoon.

There will be organic traditional stamped ceremonial tortillas, arts and crafts, collaborative art by local artist with the Otomi community, customary Otomi food, prepared with endemic ingredients from the region, as well as amulets and beautiful art from the legendary tales of this wonderful culture for sale.

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