Nocturnal Reflections, Judit Kenyeres, photos - opening

Tuesday, February 18, 5:30-7:30pm
Bordello Gallery, Casa de la Noche, Órganos 19

Nocturnal Reflections, Judit Kenyeres, photos - opening

Judit invites you to step into her Looking Glass and to find therein a world of sensual tranquility. Get lost among the labyrinth of colours and be lured to dream of secret pleasures in her Mirrors of the Night.

Casa de la Noche invites you to this unique photographic exhibition and to share an evening of delights with Judit on Tuesday, Feb. 18th at 5:30pm.

Judit Kenyeres. MEd., MA Psychologist, Educator, aspiring...

Once Upon a Time Judit had dreams of becoming a Magyar (Hungarian) Princess. She later reconsidered in favour of Restoration Work, helping to restore children's pride and hope. Judit was raised on Hungarian salami, rye bread from her father's ovens, baked with his pain and sweat, sprinkled with paprika. Chicken soup, salted with her mother's tears and fortified with courage, soothed, invigorated and inspired her spirit.

Judit, a poet and photographer is a Montrealer and a long time San Miguel enthusiast, believes that any celebration of life's offerings presents the important opportunity to share with friends and friends-to-be.

Please spread the word and come and celebrate!


Come closer

Peer into her looking glass

Allow your gaze to rest upon

Her splendid offerings of this night.

Slip your weary limbs

Under her silken sheets

Fold your feverish parts and snuggle close the red cashmere

Bury your head in the softness of down

Cool your cheeks on her white,

satin pillows.

Let the silence of the night

bathe you in its golden light,

Lull and entrance you,

Enfold you in its seductive embrace.



In the shadows,

just beyond the frame,

she stands,





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