David Mendoza, Love Themes - concert

Monday, February 17, 5pm
Casa de La Noche, Órganos 19

David Mendoza, Love Themes - concert

David Mendoza presents a Love Themes Concert at Casa de La Noche.

Mexican Violin Virtuoso David Mendoza is one of our favorite choices in San Miguel de Allende for a top notch musical experience. David is not only a favorite of locals and visitors, even Grammy Nominee Michael Hoppe describes David’s talent as “Wonderfully expressive violin playing... Quite simply, one of the most beautiful sounds one can hear in San Miguel de Allende”.

Monday evening February 17 at 5pm you will be able to experience this talent in a garden concert dedicated to Love, playing love themes of some of the greatest composers like Ennio morricone, Ludovico Einaudi, Randy Newman and more, beside one of the best piano players in town Carlos Vargas with special arrangements of David Mendoza.

Beginning at the age of 6 years old playing Piano and Violin with master teachers in Mexico City, his first home, David later studied at the Conservatory at age 13, focusing on composition, Piano, Violin and jazz drums.

David has a very particular and powerful way of expression, and you experience strong feelings of love and joy in every concert; his music takes you to surprising interior realms and glorious heights through his interpretation with the violin. His performance never lets you down; every note is an expression of his soul.

David’s flexibility expresses itself shifting between Gypsy, Tango, Hungarian, Classic, Jazz, Rock and New ages styles.

Beyond this, David composes his own new form of music.

As a composer he hopes to soon travel around the US as part of migrant support project, sharing his talent in hopes of a better life for others. Proceeds from this concert go to forwarding this mission.

In a new world of rush and anger, glimpses of beauty, love and compassion become a more important than ever. Not every musician can make you weep, nor can all all actors can make you cry or laugh.

David’s gift is something difficult to explain with words, as he strives to go beyond language to evoke strong feelings of solidarity, hope, beauty, compassion and love between every human being.

You must hear this amazing artist!

Share the Love Monday evening, February 17th at 5:00pm in the White Lantern Patio Garden at Casa de la Noche.

Órganos 19, Centro.

Tickets for Love Themes concert are $450 pesos

Tickets will be on sale at the Casa de la Noche, or by phone with a credit card.

For further information call 415152 0732, Seating is limited.

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