Cocina Libre / Open Fire Cooking - talk

Sunday, February 23, 3-4pm
Bellas Artes, Hernández Macías 75

Cocina Libre / Open Fire Cooking - talk

Lecture by Chef Esmeralda Brinn, Querencia.

Esmeralda Brinn was born in San Miguel de Allende to a German father and a Mexican mother. She grew up in the fields with fires and always a garden or wild edible ingredients nearby. Esmeralda has spent her adult years traveling and investigating how people of different cultures manage their kitchens and gather around the fire. She has apprenticed with the renowned Mexican chef Monica Patiño and numerous others rooted in traditional as well as contemporary Mexican cuisine. Currently residing in San Miguel de Allende, Esmeralda is the head chef and owner of the restaurant Querencia, and director of the project Cocina Libre.

Since the advent of the industrial age, we have grown distant from the fire and food in its natural state. The result has been mental, physical, and emotional disorders unknown in the past. Returning to the pre-industrial style of nourishment promotes balance.


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