Donations of Art Supplies Needed

CASA is a nonprofit program serving the needs of children, adolescents, women and families in the San Miguel area. We need art supplies for the preschool art program which will introduce young children to the joy of art and creativity. Please donate any materials from the list below, and please ask your friends to bring art supplies when they visit or return to San Miguel.

Needed: finger paints; washable magic markers; crayons; paper for drawing; white cardboard for mounting art ; aluminum foil; wax paper; saran wrap; colored pencils; acrylic paint in large bottles; glitter glue ;glue sticks; Elmers glue; fishing line do; water color paints; plastic eyes; newspapers; magazines; ribbon of all colors; cord for stringing beads; BEADS; macaroni in shapes to string; FOOD COLORING; metal flat,wafer-like washers; bags of flour ;bags of salt; bottles of rubbing alcohol; shaving cream; PIPE Cleaners; Scissors; staplers; clear plastic file covers; construction paper; coffee filters; coat hangers; florist wire; wire to bend for mobiles; pliers for bending wire; rolling pins, scotch tape; masking tape; rolls of paper in white; foam paper; colored chalk; pom poms; stickers; foam letters and water color paper; shaving cream, tracing paper; hair dryer; iron; cloth; glue guns; glue sticks colored dots/stars; exacto knives; box cutters; string.

Donation Drop at:
Coiffeur Estica 27 Canal Street
Just past the Quebrada bridge on the right
There Is a barber light in the window.

Jayne Halle 415-167-0605

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