Watercolor Whimsy Art Workshop, benefit Ojalá Niños

Saturday, May 8, 10am-12pm
$25-30us, register

Learn how to use various materials to produce watercolors' textures and patterns. No experience needed. Proceeds benefits Ojala Ninos AC.

About this Event
Celebrate Mother's Day by having fun splashing on colors and using everyday stuff to create textures and patterns. In this class, led by award-winning mixed media artist and popular workshop instructor Cathy Taylor, you will learn how to use various materials, including everyday household items, to produce watercolors' textures and patterns. No experience is needed; just come willing to play and see what emerges with your creativity.

The materials for the workshop:

Pad Bristol paper 9x12 or larger
Watercolors: Tubes of your favorite colors, cheap ones are fine
Stuff from around the house:

Markers & pens, stencils, stamps, stamp pads
Plastic wrap, foam fruit tray, rubbing alcohol, waxed paper, tissues, coffee filters, Kleenex, scissors, glue
Water container, paper cups, paper towels, apron


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